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Highlights of Vietnamese football in 2019

Football is considered a king sport in all sports. The football matches bring viewers a lot of emotions, from bursting with emotion to regret. And accompanied by the peak celebrations when the home team won. What were the achievements of Vietnamese football last year? Let’s review it.

Men’s football won a gold medal for the first time at the SEA Games

After reaching the group stage, the quarterfinals as well as the semifinals, the South Vietnamese football team excelled in the convincing final. The previous matches have a big difference, which shows that Vietnam is developing strongly in football. Entering the final round with opponent U22 Indonesia, the Vietnamese team is very confident for this victory. 

U22 Vietnam and U22 Indonesia are no strangers to each other in the group stage with a 2-1 victory for Park Hang Seo’s army. Being considered as a bright candidate for the gold medal in men’s football at the SEA Games 30 by strength and qualifications, but to overcome Indonesia in this last game promises not easy.

In addition to not having the strongest force without Quang Hai, the gameplay and people of U22 Vietnam seem to have exposed it all. Meanwhile, Indonesia U22 still has the secret cards, fully understand the operation of U22 VN and determination to avenge will be a big challenge for Mr. Park’s army.

After 60 years of waiting, South Vietnamese football won a gold medal at SEA GAMES 30.

Image via ty le keo bong da 24h

After 90 minutes of spectacular play, three goals helped U22 Vietnam achieve the dream of winning the championship. For the past 60 years, Vietnamese football has been waiting for this victory. Park Hang Seo’s army won the throne very convincingly, especially 2 strong victories in 2 semi-finals and finals, with a score of 4-0 (against Cambodia) and 3-0 (against Indonesia), show us our superiority.

The Vietnamese women’s football team continues to hold the first position

Vietnamese women’s football continues to assert its No. 1 role in Southeast Asia. Start with the Southeast Asia Women’s Football Championship 2019 in Thailand when winning the home team in the final. At SEA Games 30, Vietnamese girls have to compete twice with Thailand. 

In the group stage, the two teams were inconclusive with the score 1-1. In the final, after 120 minutes of competition, Vietnam won 1-0 to successfully defend the gold medal in women’s football.

Vietnamese women’s football continues to assert its No. 1 role in Southeast Asia.

What is even more praiseworthy is that the society increasingly cares and appreciates the contribution of soccer girls. The record number of the prize money of about VND 22 billion that the Vietnamese women’s football team received after winning the gold medal of the SEA Games 30, is a reflection that women’s football is more interested in society than before.

Vietnam won big at the AFF Awards 2019

This is an annual award of the Football Association of Southeast Asia to honor individuals and collectives who have contributed to the development of football in the region.

With great performances from 2018 to 2019, coach Park Hang-seo and his students were honored at the AFF 2019 Awards Ceremony in Hanoi at the end of the year. It is the award for the best coach (Park Hang-seo), the best player is Nguyen Quang Hai, the best futsal player is Tran Van Vu … 

Vietnam won many awards at the AFF Awards 2019/

The above awards show the efforts and aspirations of Vietnamese football of the players and coach Park Hang Seo. It is the pride and glory of Vietnamese football, increasingly reaching out, developing and competing with teams around the world.

Many Vietnamese players are bought by foreign teams

The year 2019 marks many Vietnamese players playing for foreign teams. However, not all cases bring success. Thailand welcomed two players, goalkeeper Van Lam, to Muangthong United and Xuan Truong to Buriram United. But after only half a season, only Van Lam remained, and Xuan Truong quietly returned to his club in Vietnam.

Cong Phuong to Korea was also unsuccessful when he was frequently on the bench. After moving to Belgium, things got a lot better and by the end of 2019, a contract with the Ho Chi Minh City club was signed. Van Hau also has conditions to try in the Netherlands in the Heerenveen club shirt, but the number of appearances is also small. Most recently, he was released about 4 minutes late in the Cup match at the time the home team was leading 2-0.

Although these players do not make much of a mark here, Vietnam has players who play for soccer clubs abroad that show that Vietnamese football has caught the attention of the world. Moreover, Vietnamese players have been attracted by many foreign coaches because of their talent and professionalism in football.

Vietnam has reduced Thailand’s position

The year 2019 witnessed Thailand’s position seriously reduced in Southeast Asia, especially in the duel with Vietnam. At the U23 Asian Championship 2020, U23 Vietnam won 4-0 U23 Thailand. It is also the largest disparity ratio that a Vietnamese team can create before Thailand in history.

At King’s Cup, Thailand lost to Vietnam right at home. It was also the first defeat at the national team level that Thailand suffered before Vietnam after 11 years, since losing in Rajamangala in 2018. In the same decline, the Thai football federation has spending a lot of money to invite coach Akira Nishino to lead Thailand. But all three times against Park Hang Seo, coach Nishino could not help Thailand get the victory….

Thanks to the guidance of Coach Park Hang Seo, Vietnam has increasingly asserted itself in football, winning even the strongest opponents in Southeast Asia (Thailand). Vietnamese football has been recognized around the world and is growing stronger.

Coach Park Hang Seo renews his contract with the Vietnam Football Federation

For more than two years of work, from October 2017, Coach Park Hang Seo helped Vietnamese football to consecutively record miracles in Asian U23, Asian Games, AFF Cup, Asian Cup … and help football. Vietnam played on par with the strongest opponents in the continent such as Korea, Japan,…

Through many negotiations and negotiations on many aspects such as remuneration, long-term development vision, goals in the next 2-3 years of Vietnam, Coach Park Hang Seo has decided to sign a contract with 3 year term.

Over the past year, Vietnamese football has made very important imprints. These marks show that the football of our country is growing stronger, showing the determination of our people in the football arena. 

Football is a sports that will not stop. Check out to see more football daily news, live football score also football match predictions and previews. 

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