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How To Activate Paramount Plus (Updated 2022)

The new TV channel aramount Network from ViacomCBS features distinctive original programming. The Paramount Network is the place to go for “entertainment and enjoyment,” with a strong portfolio of programs from respected producers and a tonne of comedy, passion, action, and edge. For a guide on how to activate Paramount Network, go to code. However, before beginning the major activation procedures, you must first download the Paramount Network app to your device from the App Store or Play Store.

Watch Paramount Network wherever you are by using the Paramount Network App. You may use the app to view the most recent episodes, schedule information, parental controls, and more for your favorite shows, like American Woman, Yellowstone, Shameless, Bar Rescue, The Righteous Gemstones, and countless others.

What Is Paramount Plus?

The Paramount Network is a general entertainment network that airs a variety of well-known live-action and animated television series. Depending on the number of devices and concurrent streams you need, this package’s cost will be invoiced separately from your TV subscription. The Paramount Network airs live events, acclaimed studio productions, original programming, and exciting motion pictures. Enjoy the best in comedy, reality, drama, and sports entertainment while learning about real people who inspire us to smile, laugh, or weep.

How To Activate Paramount Plus

Activate on Roku

Roku, the most popular streaming gadget in the US, is a fantastic media player with more than 500 TV networks included in its collection of applications. The following actions must be taken to add and activate Paramount Network on your Roku device:

  • Launch the Roku app and establish a solid internet connection.
  • Pressing the Home button on the remote will allow you to choose the Streaming channels option.
  • Enter Paramount Network in the Search Channels field.
  • Click the Add Channel button after browsing the channel’s preview page.
  • Open the Paramount Network mobile app to find a channel activation code.
  • Next, launch your browser on your computer and go to the URL
  • After deciding on a TV provider that carries the channel, log into
  • Enter the 7-digit activation code and click Continue to complete the transaction.

Activate On Apple TV

Studio-quality shows that excite viewers and spark their imaginations are available on the 24-hour cable network Paramount Network, which keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The channel network on your Apple TV device needs to be activated. You can prompt with the following steps, which are listed below:

  • Go to the Apple TV App Store to download the network app.
  • Use the Search icon to enter “Paramount Network” in the address field, then click “Go.”
  • You can locate and install the button by tapping the “Get” button.
  • To see the activation code on the TV screen, open the installed app.
  • To activate, navigate to using any of the available browsers.
  • Enter your channel activation code in the space given.
  • Click the login icon to access your paramount account.
  • Start streaming your favorite show on Apple TV.

Activate on Xfinity?

Take advantage of streaming the network’s best TV series and movies by adding your Paramount Network app to Xfinity. Follow these easy-to-read instructions.

  • Click the Xfinity button first to bring up the Main Menu screen.
  • From the home screen, choose the Apps section.
  • Find the Paramount Network app and highlight it.
  • Click the OK button to launch the application.
  • Next, pick your TV provider and click “activation.”
  • A 7-digit activation code will be visible; note it down.
  • Next, use your web browser to go to
  • With the device activation code, fill in the blank.
  • Log in with your TV provider to complete the activation process.

Activate on Android TV

The following procedures must be followed to activate ParamountNetwork on your Android TV successfully:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • The “Paramount Network App” can be downloaded to your device by using the Google Play Store, which you can locate using your remote control.
  • Click to activate it and start the installation process after it has finished downloading.
  • Now log into your Paramount account using the right details.
  • Your TV screen will display an activation code after you log in. Do not forget to copy the code.
  • Type into the address bar of your computer or mobile device’s browser. You will eventually arrive at the main activation screen.
  • Then click “Continue” after entering the activation code in the box provided.
  • Complete the sign-in process and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the Paramount channel.
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