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Best Copy.AI Alternatives


The 20+ Best Copy.AI Alternatives to try in 2023

A skilled writer is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced digital world. You need to be able to develop information rapidly in addition to being able to speak clearly and eloquently. AI writing tools can help with this. is among the best copywriting programs available. It constantly produces high-quality writing. Although it’s difficult to state that there is a flawless AI copywriting tool, some excellent alternatives are well worth checking into. “satisfactory” isn’t perfect.

The online marketplace is flooded with AI copywriting programs, but which one is ideal for you? How can you be certain that the software will fulfill its promise? You don’t have to research because we did it for you!

In this article, we’ll examine 20+Copy AI alternatives for 2023 that may meet all of your copywriting requirements.

Why do we need Copy AI alternatives?

There are other options besides for AI writing assistants. Look into other competitive choices. AI writing assistants are widespread, and many people seek advanced, excellent software programs with adaptable templated workflows. Researching alternatives should also take social media and marketing into account. We have created a list of services, including Anyword,, Writesonic, and Jasper, that reviewers deemed to be the finest overall alternatives and rivals to

The Top 20+ AI Copy Alternatives

Here is a detailed list of Copy AI alternatives. Continue reading to learn how each one stacks up to Copy AI.

1: Jasper:


Jasper is a well-liked Copy AI alternative. Some of the most potent AI tools for writing long-form content, SEO content, blog articles, sales emails, and other types of content may be found there. Additionally, it offers conferences, training programs, and courses centered on its feature set that are well-liked by AI users. Jasper is designed to handle our larger-scale operations. Jasper creates high-quality generative content with a ton of capabilities.

Main Key Features of Jasper

  • A great tool that enables you to produce lengthy content with AI-assisted outputs.
  • Write without worrying about accusations of taking someone else’s content!
  • Integration with SEO Surfer, a tool that helps in keyword research and content optimization.
  • Automated article writing software almost writes your articles for you if you give it enough criteria.

Pricing: Starting at $49 a month with a short free trial.

2: Copysmith


Copysmith give advancement their users in creating material for their content. Additionally, it offers a simple method for sharing and advertising already-developed material. The platform gives several tools to assist users in making content with the article builder.

Main Key Features of Copysmith

  • Marketing professionals can quickly tag team members on written copy to receive rapid feedback. 
  • Numerous integrations: Copysmith is compatible with well-known programs like Zapier and Faze SEO Checker.
  • Copysmith offers more language possibilities or it offers content production in more than 60 languages, although most only handle roughly 30 languages.
  • Affordably priced and with excellent service.

Pricing: Copysmith costs start from $19 a month. And subscription to the Professional plan costs is $59 per month. 

3: Rytr


One of the biggest AI writing alternatives in the market. Using this will change the way you write forever. Rytr employs AI technology to swiftly and easily produce high-quality content. Users can create content for different purposes and sectors. Users without AI writing experience can get started quickly because of the user-friendly interface. Additionally, Rytr Chat was introduced, enabling writers to create prompt-based commands that produce precise information easily integrated into the long-form editor.

Main Key Features of Rytr

  • Use more than 20 tones and styles while writing in more than 30 languages.
  • When you compose articles and modify the text outputs, look for plagiarism. 
  • Create unique use cases for content creation by subscribing to a premium service.
  • Your content should be professionally written by using a grammar checker.

Pricing:  Rytr has two pricing tiers. The cheapest package costs $9 monthly with monthly access to 50,000 characters. With the unlimited plan, you get limitless characters each month, which costs $29 a month.

4: Peppertype


Peppertype excellent alternative to Copy AI uses machine learning to comprehend the user’s needs. The user will receive the most pertinent responses thanks to the employment of this technology. 

It offers customers advice on what to do next and insightful information about their moods and emotions. With more businesses implementing this technology to produce content and insights for their clients, the future of AI writing helpers is promising. For writers who want help with their writing process without investing time in learning how to use it themselves, Peppertype is a great tool.

Main Key Features of Peppertype

  • The grammar checker, plagiarism detector, and style editor make creating engaging, entertaining material simple.
  • You can increase conversions and engage your content by using engagement analytics and automated audits showing which content pieces perform well.
  • WordPress integrations make it simple to publish long-form material when you’re ready.

Pricing: Peppertype has two pricing plans Premium: $399 per month for three users, plus $49 per user after that, or Enterprise: Custom pricing for bigger businesses

5: ClosersCopy


The greatest difference between ClosersCopy and other alternatives is that ClosersCopy doesn’t employ GPT-3; instead, it creates content using its in-house AI technology.

There are additional opportunities and use cases for employing AI to write specialized content due to ClosersCopy’s ability to design and share frameworks. Frameworks instruct ClosersCopy AI to perform a specific writing activity. Many people will find its distinctive price plan intriguing because it combines its AI solutions in one package.

Main Key Features of ClosersCopy

  • You may quickly generate various content types using the vast library of 50+ templates in 127 languages.
  • Instead of using GPT-3, they develop original content that isn’t found on other websites using their own in-house AI algorithm.

Pricing: ClosersCopy is a little more expensive. Although they don’t provide a free trial, they do have a 14-day money-back promise. It has three plans

  • Power: $49.99 monthly
  • Super Power: $79.99 per month
  • $99.99/month for Superpower Squad

6: WriteSonic


WriteSonic can create original content depending on your choices and requirements or you can also utilize the software’s pre-written content as an outline for your own writing. Additionally, it might aid content marketers in getting beyond writer’s block and connecting with their target market. It enables companies to produce content that is extremely engaging and intriguing and that can be shared on a variety of social media channels.

Main Key Features of WriteSonic

  • 100+ templates- for creating blog posts, and more
  • SonicEditor is a collaborative editor that enables numerous team members to modify and improve a text.
  • Along with the copy, the landing page copy generator may also create static landing pages.
  • All plans include access to ChatSonic, a conversation platform similar to the GPT-4 with access to popular subjects outside of the GPT-4 training materials.

Pricing: its paid plans begin at $19 monthly with a 30% student discount.

7: Anyword


Anyword is a Copy AI alternative that is intended for bloggers and marketers. This application makes it simple to produce conventional forms of content marketing, such as blogs, landing pages, and emails, and performance marketing content, such as PPC campaigns.  

This tool, a more condensed version of Copy AI, is perfect for individuals and small businesses interested in leveraging material produced by artificial intelligence to increase traffic and conversions. 

Main Key Features of Anyword

  • It’s simple to come up with and organize stuff the way you want, thanks to four modes: AIDA, PAS, List, and Creative.
  • Even novices who have never used an AI writer before can easily use the simple UI. Method for creating content with a marketing purpose.
  • You can quickly determine which titles, paragraphs, and subject lines are most likely to perform well.

Pricing: Anyword has three plans. The monthly starting price for Anyword is $99 with 30,000 credits, and access to key copywriting tools. The second plan has a monthly cost of $399 with infinite credits, ongoing landing page optimization, etc. 

The Enterprise plan is the most expensive one, with a monthly fee of $999. You will receive everything from the earlier plans as well as extra features.



To help content marketers and SEO specialists work more quickly and efficiently, Frase is a content assistant or a great Copy AI alternative. This alternative has four main components: content analytics, content writing, and content optimization. Within a few minutes, you complete your task with this alternative. With a skilled writer in command, Frase is a great alternative for content marketers that can assist in reducing the amount of time spent on writing.

Main Key Features of Frase

  • Construct content briefs from SERP research in under “6 seconds” (and construct content brief templates for the types of content you write most frequently).
  • The long-form editor allows you to compose text or give AI control anytime.
  • Utilize the topic model NPL to improve your content’s SEO

Pricing: Three options are available on 

    • Solo: designed for fresh projects with 4,000 words monthly.
    • Basic: Designed for individuals or small teams. 
    • Team: Created for bigger teams and organizations. Includes 4,000 AI characters each month.

9: Simplified


The first design platform in the world to provide potent AI copywriting capabilities is Simplified AI. This alternative is simple to use and quickly produces persuasive copy using AI! Since Simplified was created with teams in mind, many collaboration capabilities are available to businesses.

The fact that Simplified is a free AI writing tool is the finest aspect! This means that users on the free plan get access to the copy AI feature, making it ideal for teams of any size and financial situation.

Main Key Features of Simplified

  • 50+ templates for various content creation types
  • Create short- or long-form content with it in 30+ languages and 10+ tones. 
  • Utilize the AI-powered Rewriter Tool to repurpose your published content.

Pricing: The cost of Simplified rises as your monthly word requirement rises.

  • Small business: $5 users at $30 monthly
  • Business: $50 monthly for 5 users
  • Business or Agency: Contact for pricing, simplified

10: Nichesss


NIchesss is an excellent alternative made for social media managers and content marketers to increase productivity. There are 150 templates available in the machine learning application to help you develop anything from lengthy blog posts and Meta descriptions to Google Ads and content briefs.

For those who don’t collaborate on projects as a team, Niches works best. The platform has few capabilities for collaboration and doesn’t support project feedback. However, you can share your work with your colleagues.

Main Key Features of NIchesss

  • This AI tool differs from others because of its specialized reports. Utilize this tool to locate new clients and isolate various subgroups of your target market to produce the most educational material.
  • Browse by industry to learn about various content formats and what audiences are looking for.
  • Using the long-form content editor, you can quickly write lengthy blog entries.

Pricing: Nichesss has three plans.

  • Beginner: $19 monthly
  • Advanced: $39 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month

11: INK


Another alternative to Copy AI offers 60 templates for lenticels, YouTube, pain aggravation, and other writing-related topics. These templates are centered on advertising, growth, websites, and writing. With tools that promote optimization and a tool rating system to assess how effectively your piece is optimized, there is a focus on SEO and getting content to rank. INK generously offers up to 10 articles for free each month, giving users plenty of opportunity to experiment.

Main Key Features of INK

  • By ensuring that information is original, information Shield safeguards websites’ reputations. Detection of “Written by AI”
  • Create AI-generated graphics based on text-based instructions to produce visuals corresponding to your content for a fraction of the cost of stock images.
  • With keyword research, you may build clusters and individual pages supported by search traffic, trend, and CPC statistics.

Pricing: Ink has No free offer but it gives$8.80/ per month to start, $44 monthly for professional SEO or$177/ per month for Team SEO Unlimited.

12: WordAI


By rephrasing, rewriting, and rearranging lines, WordAI is an excellent alternative to Copy AI made to increase your content productivity. With its capabilities, you can produce up to 1,000 SEO rewrites from a single piece of material.

Main Key Features of WordAI

  • Designed to avoid artificial intelligence detection and duplication
  • An alternative for creating content quickly. 
  • You can also know how closely you adhere to the original material.

Pricing:  there are two pricing options a normal or an enterprise option. However, paying the normal n annually rather than monthly will save you $30. 

13: Surfer SEO


The best alternative that can help you rank #1 on Google is called Surfer SEO. This is accomplished by looking at the top-ranking pages for the keywords you want to target and then advising you on improving your content. The fact that so many other AI writers have integrated directly with Surfer may have caught your eye; this proves what Surfer SEO can achieve for you and your websites. Businesses can easily and swiftly optimize their online content for search engines using Surfer SEO’s cutting-edge AI technology. 

Main Key Features of Surfer SEO

  • Planning your material and using writing tools enable you to produce an AI outline with original headings and paragraphs.
  • Audit: Examine your current pages for any missing keywords and contrast them with those of your rivals.
  • Grow Flow: Boost the information on your website with weekly updates to a simple job flow.
  • For subscribers only, a free Writing Master class is available to teach them the fundamentals of SEO writing.

Pricing: Surfer SEO has three plans:

  • Basic: $59 monthly; $49 yearly
  • Pro: $119 monthly; $99 yearly
  • Business: $239 per month; $199 per year

14: ClickUp


The all-in-one productivity alternative ClickUp now offers ClickUp AI will help you complete your work more quickly. This AI writing tool may helps you in generate ideas, and organize your content creation process. This contains a ton of prompts for writers, content managers, and marketing teams to assist you in producing everything from case studies and briefs to excellent marketing copy, product descriptions, and blog content.

Main Key Features of ClickUp

  • An alternative explicitly made for producing bios, quick writing, and more.
  • A large template library that may be used to create processes quickly,  and process maps
  • 1,000+ integrations to integrate other apps into ClickUp, such as Slack, Google Drive, and many others, to speed up, modify, and simplify your workflows.


  • Simply add ClickUp AI for $5 per user, per month, to any premium Workspace.
  • Free Forever Unlimited: $7 per user per month
  • Business: $12 per user per month
  • Enterprise: For the price, get in touch

15: Sudowrite 


An alternative called Sudowrite was explicitly created for stories and other stuff that even hints at a narrative. Instead of focusing more on the individual components of a piece of writing than some other platforms do, it focuses more on a writing workflow. You may get a draft, ideas, editing pointers, and more from Sudowrite, which is geared toward creative and descriptive writing. 

Main Key Features of Sudowrite:

  • First draft: expands a brief prompt into 1000 words.
  • It provides easy-to-add, stylish suggestions that are auto-completed and pertinent to your context in a toolbar.
  • Use “Describe” to add more enticing language, and “Expand” to slow down the pace of writing sections by adding natural content.

Pricing: There are many pricing choices according to how many words you can produce.

  • Student: $10 monthly
  • Specialized: $20 monthly
  • Max: $100/mo

16: Articleforge


The strength of Article Forge is in its capacity to produce a large volume of material at once. That is also a sticking point because it puts more on humans to read, revise, and verify what the AI produced. It’s a welcome change of pace from other alternatives that force you to finish each chunk of information individually. Important Elements of Article Forge: 

Main Features of Article Forge

  • Create long-form, high-quality content with a single click.
  • Possibility to add objectionable or forbidden themes that Article Forge will try to avoid using
  • Content and titles are generated automatically and flow smoothly.
  • Content that will withstand copy-scape

Pricing: its price is very cheap, Starting at only $27 per month

17: Quillbot


One of the most complete alternatives available is QuillBot. This tool is essential for students looking for an AI essay writer or who need to research.

It’s free to use, and you can test it without creating an account, which is great. You can log in and utilize the program without fiddling with marketing text.

Main Features of QuillBot

  • Seven options that determine the mod’s tone or objective
  • Grammar Checker: Ensures that you use proper grammar.
  • Plagiarism Checker: You can upload a file to check the Plagiarism.

Pricing: A yearly subscription offers savings, as with many products. there are three plans

  • $8.33 per month on an annual basis
  • Semi-Annual: $14.33 each month
  • Every month: $19.95

18: Scalenut


Another top-tier alternative that is made specifically for SEO and content marketing is called Scalenut. By examining the top-ranking pages for your target keywords, it analyzes the effectiveness of those pages and then offers advice on how to improve your content. This can be done for a single article or a whole cluster as part of a comprehensive content strategy that develops thematic authority.

Main Features of Scalenut 

  • Building content strategies and keyword clusters quickly with AI 
  • Analyzes competing articles in SERPs and audience search intent to determine the best strategy for each piece.
  • Real-time optimization, SERP statistics, and content rating combined with AI-guided authoring
  • 40+ marketing assignment templates for composing newsletter emails and product descriptions

Pricing: The entry-level service costs $39 per month for 100,000 AI-generated phrases.

19: Grammarly


Grammarly is ground-breaking! Despite not realizing it, it is the alternative that you require. It’s a great AI authoring tool because it doesn’t just focus on syntax. It also checks the overall tone and style to ensure your writing appeals to your desired audience.

Main Features of Grammarly

  • Grammar checker: remove grammatical errors
  • Contextual spelling checker Verify your spelling in the context.
  • Improve your writing’s overall tone and style.

Pricing: it has two plans:

  • $12.00 monthly premium for individuals
  • Business: $12.50 per month for teams

20: Writerzen


Because of its data-based approach, WriterZen stands out from many other alternatives as a potent AI-based SEO writing tool. WriterZen should be added to the workflow of everyone who produces SEO material for websites, landing pages, and reputable blogs.

Main Key Features of WriterZen

  • Using extensive NPL analysis locates high-traffic/low-competition keywords to produce content for. Creates content outlines based on other top search results.
  • Identifies useful term clusters from the Google Term and Google Suggest databases.
  • Detection of plagiarism and unique content so you may feel secure about the stuff you upload to your sites

Pricing: its price starts from $23 per month.

21: Wordtune (As a Bonus Alternative)


Wordtune is a writing tool that enables you to express yourself clearly, compellingly, and authentically. Wordtune’s goal is to assist users in putting their thoughts into writing by providing whole fresh language, in contrast to other grammar checkers that serve as copy editors and only look for faults. This alternative presents customers with many clever rewrite options to investigate and consider. It accomplishes this with innovative AI technology that enhances the tone, word choice, and flow while maintaining the sense of phrases.

Pricing: The premium plan for this alternative costs just $9.99. With the premium subscription, you can rewrite your content, alter the tone of your writing, and either cut or lengthen previously published information.

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