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What Is Windows Core OS? – New version of Windows 10

With the passing of time Windows 10 is getting old, that’s why Microsoft has begun to search towards the future. Flavors of Windows 10 are present on every device from your computer to your Xbox. While they have the same name and resources, but they’re different in function.

The Windows Core OS is Microsoft’s project name. In this article, we will discuss everything about Windows Core OS from idea, definition to facts.

What Is Windows Core OS?

Yet now Windows Core OS hasn’t been officially launched, but aiming for a greater layout and has a more practical version of what you expecting today. Basically, all Microsoft devices have the same Windows Core OS base on which many developers can add many great features.

In Windows Core OS Designing contents of various devices will be more efficient. This is the best result of current technology.

Note that the evolution of previous Windows NT is current Windows 10 and any older window can be swept aside with the newer window.

Why Windows Core OS is so important?

Microsoft wishes to develop products that are easier and cheaper for everyone. Microsoft also wants to increase the user experience as much as possible. Windows Core OS will help by giving you a completely new environment on your computer, console, and mobile.

Today the main issue of Windows 10 is that the effort that goes into each device. Well, they all have the same baseline called OneCore, every new laptop or phone is designed from scratch.

It does No matter how much Windows Core OS will be successful with consumers, Microsoft spends that time and money on its development is not ideal. It will be worse when any product like the Surface RT fails to impress its users and cover-up its cost. 

Windows Core OS Components

Microsoft will release a new compartmentalized operating system with basic and essential elements. That’s the point where its name, Core OS, comes from.

Old Windows 10 is still using. But Microsoft is slowly ending their support. Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge’s version are the latest to go.

Microsoft won’t leave the shared interface or C Shell. The same idea develops in this interface technology.

A Microsoft device instantly changes its looks according to how someone uses it. C Shell will be just as important as Windows Core OS interface designing.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is another vital element of the Core OS project. It’s Microsoft’s best tools for creating applications and will help in shaping the new systems with all important features.

These three UWP, OneCore, and C Shell are the pillars of the Windows Core OS. Windows Core OS should be a strong game change for the company’s productivity.

What is the Difference between Windows 10 and Windows Core OS?

Today, Microsoft has many various versions of Windows 10. They all share some features and username. These versions are new to think about new phones, new formats, and new platforms. For example, CPU architecture needs various versions with the same core interface.

 Windows Core OS will make this very simple for you. Additional information related to differences between Windows 10 and Windows Core OS will come by official announcements from Microsoft, in the future.

 A shared interface or C-Shell for Windows that’s already present in Windows 10 will play a great role in the ecosystem of Windows Core OS. “Polaris,” the name of another project that will be developed on C-Shell to offer its users a shared interface in all Core OS devices.

When Windows Core OS will be announced?

Yet now Microsoft Core OS has not announced any information related to Windows Core OS.

You could think that an initial release of Windows Core OS will be taken one or two years after an official announcement. 

For example, Windows 8 was announced in the year of 2011 with the initial release in summer 2012. Windows 10 was announced in the year 2014 and then released in the next year 2015. 

There’s no chance that Windows 10 support ending at any time and it seems that Microsoft will continue to develop new features for its users

The Future of Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS is the evolution of Windows 10 for one platform or for many devices. Windows 10 was the previous stage, but Windows Core OS will be the future and incoming stage which is now under process.

It’s still a Microsoft project, so it will be good to think that there are still many years in the release of Windows Core OS. 

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